SEO Practices

Here are some good and bad practices that affect search engine optimizers.

Bad practices that lead to SEO failure

  1. Not developing a keen eye for changes in search environment. Updates to search engine algorithms, changes in search query trends, and changes in competing website content, all affect the search results. SEOs should consider all the three search environment factors together while evaluating search results.
  2. Lacking the energy and will power to observe and analyze the results of hundreds of search queries every month.
  3. Blindly believing the advice of ill-informed and self-proclaimed SEOs experts because of herd mentality.

Good practices that lead to SEO success

  1. Acquiring the habit of deeply analyzing the content of top 10 search results of multiple keywords everyday.
  2. Experimenting with less competitive keywords instead of more competitive keywords.
  3. Analyzing high ranking articles of the SEO experts rather than the free tips offered by them. Experts never disclose real SEO tips.

The best practice is for the SEO to adapt to changes in the search environment and adopt new methods of optimization to overcome competition.