Key Steps In The SEO Process

Keyword Research

Keywords are the search terms (words or phrases) that you type in the search box (of Google, Bing etc.) when you need information on a particular topic.

Keyword Research is the process of using a search engine's keyword tools and research methods to determine historical, present and future trends in keywords.

Keyword Analysis is very important. Keyword analysis using tools like Google Analytics helps you determine various aspects of your keyword history. Which keywords were bringing in traffic earlier? What was the volume of traffic? Has the volume decreased? If yes, then you immediately need to look for insights to your SEO changes or changes in the search environment that caused this.

Conversion Rate is another important aspect of keyword history. If some keywords generate huge traffic but low conversions, you have an excellent opportunity to increase your revenue by just working on improving the conversion rate of those keywords. This is true even if the keywords are NOT targeted keywords.

Do you want to target search terms which people rarely use now? Keyword Trends help you determine that. Depending on the nature of your business, keyword trends may be measured yearly, monthly, or even shorter periods. There are different kinds of trends to analyze. You can look at Google Analytics for seasonal trends in the performance of your keywords. You can also look at external data from Google Trends, which is based on Google Search and shows how popularity of a search term varies over time across different regions of the world. This gives you a good idea about local search trends.

The step of keyword research is a continuous one in the SEO process.

Content Writing

'Content is King' as far as SEO is concerned. Content is the text that you read on a web page. You need to write content which is both search friendly and user friendly.

Search Friendly Content is targeted for search engines, where the focus is mainly on selecting the right keywords and improving relevance.

User Friendly Content is targeted towards generating a great user experience. It should be useful and interesting. You should also make at least a part of the content unique.

Current search engine algorithms tend to favour user friendly content as well. So, both types of content writing are required for SEO.

Link Building

A link is considered as a vote or endorsement for a website by search engines. But, all links are not equal. Links can be natural or unnatural.

Link building is a process of placing unnatural links on external websites (pointing to your website) usually by buying links, exchanging links or posting content containing links.

Natural links are placed on other websites by their owners without you having to purchase them or asking for them in exchange of something. Search engines favour only natural links. However, they may be deceived into seeing unnatural links as natural links.

So, link building is a deceptive practice, if you are doing it just for SEO. You should build links only to add value and get traffic (visitors) from other websites.