Satyabrata Das Offers SEO Consulting

Satyabrata Das is a professional SEO consultant. He offers website optimization services for improving search engine visibility and user experience. He offers these services for large and small businesses at affordable rates.

However, many small companies and hard working individuals, want to individually market their products and services on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They operate on a low budget. They don’t want to outsource their web marketing work to any external agency or an outside consultant. Are you one of them?

To help you learn more about SEO, this complex subject is discussed in depth in the articles below. You should find them helpful and interesting.

If you want to outsource the task of SEO, then you will also get an idea about the services provided, skills required, and rates charged by an SEO consultant to help you choose the right one.

SEO Explained

  1. SEO Primer - This article briefly describes the basics of SEO and search engines, the main role of an SEO specialist, some optimization tips, how costs of SEO services are calculated, differences in optimization and market shares of search engines, and how to track SEO progress.
  2. Key Steps in the SEO Process - This article is about Keyword Research, Content Writing, and Link Building. These three key steps of SEO, if implemented properly, ensure high rankings and increased visibility in search engines.
  3. Key Search Engine Ranking Factors - This article discusses the key list of factors based on Relevance, Web Page Quality, and Citations, which are used by search engines to rank search results.
  4. How to Study a Search Engine’s Ranking Factors – This articles explains why you should prefer results of Causation Studies over Correlation Studies while trying to determine the ranking factors of a search engine. It provides genuine reasons why it is difficult to identify Google’s ranking signals, and the correct procedure to identify the ranking signals.
  5. SEO and Usability - This article discusses how improving Usability helps SEO. It relates Findability, Learnability, and Usefulness to differentiating website visitors, optimizing website design, and optimizing content.
  6. Do’s and Don’ts of SEO - This article provides guidelines on "what to do" and "what to avoid" in SEO.

The articles mentioned above are sometimes updated with new topics relevant to current SEO trends. So, please visit occasionally to read the updates and to learn more about advanced SEO topics.

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