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Hi! I am a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist. I optimize website content to better website performance in search engines, especially Google. The content I write and organize for SEO, also provides a better user experience, more conversions, and more sales. You also benefit from the very affordable rates that I charge for the service.

Have a very low budget for SEO? Then, I can train you individually, if you want to test and try the search engine marketing work for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, yourself. You don't really have to outsource work to any external agency or an outside consultant, if you can spare time yourself.

To help you learn more about SEO, I am discussing this complex subject in depth in the articles below. You should find the articles helpful and interesting, and work as a guide to better SEO practices.

If you want to outsource your SEO tasks, then you will also get a better idea about the services provided, skills required, and rates charged by an SEO consultant to help you choose the right one.

SEO Explained

  1. SEO Primer - This article briefly describes the basics of search engines, the main role of an SEO specialist, some key tips in brief, how costs of services are calculated, differences in optimization tactics, differences in customer profiles and market shares of search engines, and how to track progress via the different metrics in SEO reports.
  2. Key Steps in the SEO Process - This article is about keyword research, content writing, and link building. These three key steps, if implemented properly, ensure high rankings and increased visibility in search engines.
  3. Key Search Engine Ranking Factors - This article discusses the key list of factors based on keyword relevance, web page quality, and off-site citations, which are used by search engines to rank search results.
  4. How to Study a Search Engine’s Ranking Factors – This article explains why results of causation studies should always be preferred over correlation studies, while trying to determine the ranking factors of a search engine. It provides genuine reasons regarding why it's difficult to identify Google’s ranking signals, and the correct procedure to identify the ranking signals.
  5. SEO and Usability - This article discusses how improving usability helps SEO. It relates findability, learnability, and usefulness to differentiating website visitors, optimizing website design, and optimizing content.
  6. Do’s and Don’ts of SEO - This article provides guidelines on "what to do" and "what to avoid" for search engines, in order to maintain high quality content and avoid spam.

The articles mentioned above are updated occasionally with new topics on current SEO trends. So, please visit Satyabrata.com to read the latest updates and learn more about advances made in the industry.

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