About Satyabrata Das

Interests: Food, Music, Stories, Myth-Busting, Unprovable Truths, Fundamental Nature of Reality

Lack of Interest: Appreciating any form of visual art

LinkedIn Page - Has some more information about my interests, skills, and work experience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website Copywriting Service - I have stopped providing this personally, as a freelancing service, via this website, Satyabrata.com, from 2015 onward.
I took an early retirement from full time SEO work in 2013.
But, in future, I may offer SEO service and website content optimization strategies, to a limited extent, via the seocopywriting.carrd.co page. I will focus mainly on increasing search engine traffic, website sales, and other conversion rates.
Presently, I am optimizing content to improve the Google rankings of a website on online deals..